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Matthew King 20 Dec 2017 66

“Sell me this pen”—it’s a common sales trope: A salesperson sits in the office of a high-powered executive, hoping for a chance to join an important sales team...

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Networking drives today’s workforce, and as the popular saying goes, it’s all about who you know...

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For a freelancer, it’s critically important to be ahead of the curve in all sorts of ways – not least in being able to figure out when a project is failing...

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“No one writes letters anymore.” That’s a common observation heard from grandmothers worldwide. And while it’s undeniable that letters have given way to voice mails, emails, and text messages, one remains crucial for th..

The Sales Pipeline, Explained

Matthew King 13 Oct 2017 197

“Where are they in your sales pipeline?”..

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So, you’ve sent out that perfect sales pitch email to a new prospective client. You did your research, you worked in your favorite sales techniques, and you thought your email was really strong...

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Procrastination is something that everyone deals with. Given the fact that we mostly write for the self-employed and freelancers, it’s a bit surprising to me that some of our most popular posts have been on being more p..

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Let’s face it: Selling your product or service can be one of the hardest parts of running a business...

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As a service business owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract and build trust with potential clients and customers...

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The pricing proposal is the scariest moment in working with a potential client. You’ve been talking to them, they like your work. Things are going well. Then they ask about your fee...