New Year Reflection 2018
_-Looking back and forward.
I first started this Facebook platform in 2013, around the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's 1963 march to Washington DC, where he addressed Americans gathered in huge numbers in a peaceful march to demand racial equality. Speaking at the commemoration event of that historic day, President Obama called for courage and respect for the dignity of all citizens "of every race and every region, every faith and every station."


As a trustee of Dr King's alma mater, Morehouse College, that was a proud moment for me. Later that year I wrote a post which some of you will remember:

"When I am looking at a society, this is what I look at:

1. The dignity of a society is measured in how it treats the disabled.
2. The courage of a society is measured in how equally women are treated in that society.
3. The fairness of a society is measured by how minorities, and those who are different, feel they are treated.
4. The vision of a society is how it raises its children.
5. The love in a society is how it responds to a neighbour in need.
6. The prosperity of a society is measured by how it responds to the poor in its midst, and beyond.
7. The strength of a society is measured by how well it accepts and embraces change.
8. The respect in a society is shown in how it responds to the lessons shared by older generations.
9. The wisdom of a society is measured by its fear of God."

That was a few years ago... What am I missing?

Another reflection I shared a while ago from a sermon: "Walking in love is one of the hallmarks of spiritual maturity. It must be seen in your language, in your daily walk, in the way you respect others; it means you have encountered God in your life."

Dignity, courage, fairness, vision, love, prosperity, strength, respect, wisdom... What more can I wish for each of you in your life and entrepreneurial journeys?

You may know that on the brink of New Year 2018, Facebook this week has started a global "I am #HopefulFor ___ " conversation with all its readers throughout the world. While I generally don't like to use the word "hopeful," let me share this to start the conversation here today:

I am #HopefulFor greater respect to be shown in this world, in every way -- amongst people, between nations, for the earth and for rule of law!

And I'm not just #Hopeful. We can DO this, and we must.

Whatever our race, region, faith, or station in life... each day, we can find the courage and strength at the very least to BE a light to someone, somewhere, in some way.

What are you #HopefulFor in 2018? I "hope" this is the same thing you are #WorkingToward!

Happy New Year.


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