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New Year Reflection 2018
_-Looking back and forward.
I first started this Facebook platform in 2013, around the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's 1963 march to Washington DC, where he addressed Americans gathered in huge numbers in a peaceful march to demand racial equality. Speaking at the commemoration event of that historic day, President Obama called for courage and respect for the dignity of all citizens "of every race and every region, every faith and every station."


As a trustee of Dr King's alma mater, Morehouse College, that was a proud moment for me. Later that year I wrote a post which some of you will remember:

"When I am looking at a society, this is what I look at:

1. The dignity of a society is measured in how it treats the disabled.
2. The courage of a society is measured in how equally women are treated in that society.
3. The fairness of a society is measured by how minorities, and those who are different, feel they are treated.
4. The vision of a society is how it raises its children.
5. The love in a society is how it responds to a neighbour in need.
6. The prosperity of a society is measured by how it responds to the poor in its midst, and beyond.
7. The strength of a society is measured by how well it accepts and embraces change.
8. The respect in a society is shown in how it responds to the lessons shared by older generations.
9. The wisdom of a society is measured by its fear of God."

That was a few years ago... What am I missing?

Another reflection I shared a while ago from a sermon: "Walking in love is one of the hallmarks of spiritual maturity. It must be seen in your language, in your daily walk, in the way you respect others; it means you have encountered God in your life."

Dignity, courage, fairness, vision, love, prosperity, strength, respect, wisdom... What more can I wish for each of you in your life and entrepreneurial journeys?

You may know that on the brink of New Year 2018, Facebook this week has started a global "I am #HopefulFor ___ " conversation with all its readers throughout the world. While I generally don't like to use the word "hopeful," let me share this to start the conversation here today:

I am #HopefulFor greater respect to be shown in this world, in every way -- amongst people, between nations, for the earth and for rule of law!

And I'm not just #Hopeful. We can DO this, and we must.

Whatever our race, region, faith, or station in life... each day, we can find the courage and strength at the very least to BE a light to someone, somewhere, in some way.

What are you #HopefulFor in 2018? I "hope" this is the same thing you are #WorkingToward!

Happy New Year.


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#JobsMatter (Part 1).
__What gives me sleepless nights.
Congratulations to the 12 #GoGettaz finalists I announced a few days ago at the Abuja Town Hall. At you'll see fellow entrepreneurs from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. There's another word for these 12 finalists... #JobCreators!
By now you know that the biggest crisis facing Africa is #JobCreation. I read a report recently which said we currently have over 300m young people in Africa of working age, who have no jobs. That figure is set to double by 2030, only 13 years from now!
How we deal with that problem will shape the future of Africa, if not the world, for the remainder of this century. The problem is so huge that many political leaders are just in denial about it. Most policymakers aren't sure how to tackle it. Progressive business leaders are worried.
President Obama once asked me what gives me sleepless nights. Without hesitation, I told him:
__“How do we create jobs in Africa?”
“I would like you to come to the White House one day, so we can discuss this issue. You are right to be thinking about it.”
I was privileged to spend time with him and discuss my ideas.
As an entrepreneur, to try to tackle this challenge, I'm using what is in “my hand.” I am not a politician or policymaker. All my life, I have started businesses, and grown businesses. I have always appreciated that this is the most assured way to generate wealth and create jobs.
__We can create jobs in Africa, through a revolutionary culture of entrepreneurship!
As a tech entrepreneur though, I'm also acutely aware that we are entering a “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and I understand more than most that the technologies underpinning this new revolution require fewer and fewer people to carry out certain activities.
If you haven't already, take a look at this World Economic Forum 2017 report on the future of jobs and skills in Africa --…/the-....future-of-jobs-and-s which says:
"With more than 60% of the population under the age of 25, sub-Saharan Africa is already the world's youngest region today -- and, by 2030, will be home to more than one-quarter of the world's under-25 population."
Crisis or opportunity? That is up to us. This is not an easy time to be trying to launch the greatest employment-creation revolution in history!
I was speaking to a well-meaning African policymaker the other day who spoke passionately about “a manufacturing revolution in his country, in order to create jobs.”
I thought to myself: “It may not be enough to create jobs, because manufacturing was principally a tool of the last industrial revolution.”
# Having a job really matters!
Not everyone can start their own business. We must help those who can start their own businesses, so they can employ others, but ultimately, we must face the huge challenge of creating employment through bold courageous policymaking, including improving and transforming our education systems to prepare our next generation for the jobs of the future (not jobs which soon will be extinct!)
I wish I could say to you, “Here's an African country that has got this right." I really wish I could! We are running out of time, so we must use the little time we have wisely.
I recently shared how Kofi Annan told me whilst we were traveling in Mali several years ago: “Look at all these young men milling around with nothing to do. Either they will have to cross the Sahara and Mediterranean Sea to look for work in Europe, or they will start listening to extremists, and come back to fight us.”
He was speaking prophetically, because both are happening with a vengeance!
When you take a look at the pitch videos of the Kwesé Inc #GoGettaz at, you will meet African #JobCreators in the making! (Each of our finalists was given only a few days to put together his or her pitch videos on their phones, and no equipment or resources to do so).
Now it's YOUR turn to put on your shark hat and vote for one man and one woman (you can vote for more than one of each). Just one question you might ask yourself: Whose venture will #CreateTheMostJobs?
We have no time to waste anymore.
To be continued. . .

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I had a great week in Silicon Valley. Here I'm trying out a Virtual Reality (VR) Entertainment platform. This is what going to the cinema will look like very soon!

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Pause: Faith encounters at airports
__Why faith matters to me...

The other day at the airport, I met some old friends, Bishop Ezekiel Guti and his wife, Prophetess Eunor Guti. We had a wonderful time together as you can see. We even had time to fellowship and pray together in the airport lounge. They are family to me, and I cannot describe in words the joy I felt at seeing them.

I left Zimbabwe 17 years ago and had not seen his wife in all those years. I had occasion to see the Bishop himself a year ago, again at an airport.

He is now 94, and still ministers and is able to walk unaided. His mind was as clear as when I first met him 22 years ago.

One morning back then, I got a message that "Bishop Ezekiel Guti wanted to see me alone." I had never met him even though I knew who he was! I was not even a member of his assembly which was by far the largest in my country and now a global ministry spanning almost every country in the world.

The meeting was in secret and I'm revealing it for the first time here. He knew all about my plight and the persecution I was enduring because of my stance. Then he prayed for me and told me not to give up. And with that I left. Victory was still several years away, but without that moment I probably would have given up.

Fast forward: Nigeria.

"I would like to meet the founder of your company, next time he comes to Nigeria. Tell him to come alone because I have a very important matter I wish to discuss with him."

This was the message conveyed to Zac Wazara, the CEO of Econet Wireless Nigeria in 2001. The message came from the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian of Nigeria, Pastor Enock Adeboye. I had never heard of him in my life. When I told friends about the request, they were stunned with awe:

"Wow!" They exclaimed. "Even the President of Nigeria would go!"

One of the friends to whom I mentioned this was Professor Yemi Osibanjo, then a Lay Pastor in his church, but also the Attorney General of Lagos State. He is now Nigeria's Vice President.

We met alone. It will still be many, many years before I'm ready (if ever) to tell people what he said to me.

My life changed forever!

The last time I met the GO was also in an airport.

He told me he had been following my progress and was pleased, then added: "Your victory in this and other matters is assured, you know that, don't you?"

"Yes sir, I know."


He is a man of few words outside the pulpit. I thanked him and went my way.

When you face opposition or persecution like I've had to endure from time to time, and I expect many of you have, too... Having faith can be the difference, and I would say (personally), "all the difference."

Within weeks of my meeting with Bishop Guti, the entire church in Zimbabwe began to rally around me. Every day I received messages of encouragement. In September 1998, all the church leaders held a special Thanks Giving Service. It was one of the largest such gatherings ever. These are the people who had my back, and that is why I never walked alone, and never will...

These are just two encounters at an airport. Time and space do not permit me to talk about meetings with many other great men and women of faith. I could spend all day on this... They know who they are.

Let me close by sharing this brilliant video with you. It's 10 minutes that you and your family will definitely not want to miss, a commencement speech... "The wisest person in my life, a third-grade dropout."

Many things will challenge you in your life... "Just keep standing."


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