A typical "I have been playing WoW
A typical "I have been playing WoW Aug 20

A typical "I have been playing WoW

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This is perfect. The line for the raid icon was left out, as I do not want the macros to be altered every time I am with the tank. It marks it as square. It's helpful to know the syntax in case I need to add it to the macro. Thank you so much!

A typical "I have been playing WoW since my mother was still wiping my ass and feeding me Gerber mushi" precursor to the post. It goes much deeper than WoW. I've played GW2, LOTRO, SWTOR, WHO as well as every other acronym that related to an MMO. Capital cities were a great location to await my group's formation, so that I could have fun playing all of these games.

FFXIV taught me to appreciate the actions of those who are around me. To compete with the redcoats (malestrom, I believe) I ran from Limsa. Idk I started in Limsa so they're my only choice.) And as I walked into the plaza, I heard an old song. I wasn't sure what it was at first and I knew bards could play instruments to some extent for a bit of class. What I didn't know was that bards could get an electric guitar that could perform Enter Sandman by Metallica clear enough that I could recognize it from at a distance.

I was there for about 15 minutes while the singer paced through his entire set. Metallica, Nirvana and some other classic rock were playing on the radio. While I'm listening, I'm watching the crowd which he has assembled and what is it? Absolutely the most horrible looking Lala the world has ever seen. What is it? An M.Bison cosplay glamour. Is it possible that these folks are in the plaza, swaying through different poses in order to exude their glamour? What's the emote? where can I get it? The minion is adorable, what is it called? It's a quest! NO WAY!

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