The competition is open today
The competition is open today Aug 27

The competition is open today

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The competition is open today. You'll must submit your entries by August 25th. submit your videos to the YouTube website. Andrew Gerhard, Mark Gerhard and some video-hungry Community Management team members will choose five finalists from the submitted entries. Those five videos will then be featured in a RuneScape weekly poll that allows users to vote for their favorite.

The video that receives the highest number of votes will be declared winner and will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Jagex Games Studio, from any location located in the world, once here, they will get to meet the designers and creative types that help bring RuneScape to life. We will send them off along with an assortment of Jagex goodies. Each of the four runners-up will receive an account, signed mouse mats, mugs, and other gifts.

All videos have to be made within RuneScape (live actions aren't considered to be machinima) and uploaded via YouTube. Submissions via Gallery or the Postbag email will not be considered. For a full list of rules and conditions, and to see an example video from TehNoobShow, subscribe to our YouTube page at This thread on the forum is a great place to ask questions regarding the contest and to get suggestions to create your own videos. We're excited to begin exploring the contents of your creative brains.

While at the Grand Exchange, I went through my bank account in the hope of finding items I could sell. I came across some Bronze/Iron armor, which I was unable to sell due to the fact that it was so valuable.

I ran a quick test to see how greedy RuneScape's F2P is. Then I dropped an Iron Med helmet just outside the reach of the crowd. I waited for the other players to notice, and then 10 people ran out of the crowd trying to grab it.

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