Some users understand how to intentionally bypass filters
Some users understand how to intentionally bypass filters Sep 15

Some users understand how to intentionally bypass filters

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Pvp meeting pve players. By having limited resources like rune, treasure trails, dragons, the abyss, and bosses in the wild, it gave non pvpers the chance to enter potential pvp to get rewards, however, it was not mandatory or required in any way. My above point for the quests is that every player has access to this kind of content, however making some realms "safe" is a blunder entirely. This is the thing I am most concerned about. If a world is secure from attack, it defeats the purpose of the quests.

As there is an entirely safe place just a hop away, it is unlikely that any runecrafter will make use of the deadly abyss. Armoured zombie-goers can simply move to a safer world once they have left the wild. In fact, that would work for any world. This is a plea, do not promote the idea of "safe" worlds and the half assed wilderness, it is not a good idea and detracts from the fun of being in the wild.

Wilderness And Free Trade

Wilderness and free trade are being debated. What happens to the things which were designed to replace it? Quick history lesson... GE was established about a month prior to the infamous updates meant to replace free trade.

At first, the armor of the ancient warriors was designed as statuettes. The pvp drop was so terrible back then that they made them luck drops so you could get them.

Statuettes - Introduced as part of the brand new bounty hunter system, these statuettes provided the chance to win good loots or decent cash for pkers. It gave people an idea of their chances of obtaining good loot. PvP worlds were created to replace the old bounty hunter system, which was a multi-world system, but has now been cut down to very few worlds.
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