A good game plan does not always make a player better
A good game plan does not always make a player better Oct 05

A good game plan does not always make a player better

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A good game plan does not always make a player better at particular aspects of their game. Instead, it puts the player in situations which help him perform his job better , through better play-calling. If my top corner can't protect their top receiver, it doesn't matter what we do to focus on man coverage this week, it's not going to be able perform a great amount of Cover 1.

To make this more real the players may have to limit the number options for formations and plays in each game. If, for instance, you're up against a team well-versed in defending within zone runs it could be a good idea to choose more outside zone runs in the game plan.

This could be another way to enhance the role of the coaching staff. A coordinator with a higher rating could allow you to incorporate more plays in your game plan every week. If your assistant isn't rated, it could hinder your play-calling possibilities.

I like the idea of halftime adjustments. this concept could easily be carried over to my proposed system.

Based on the defensive plays during the first half, you could alter your choices. Your coaching staff may affect the number of plays that you can alter.

Jon Gruden is your head coach and you will be able to put together a great selection of plays for the week, however you won't have the ability to modify them throughout the game. If you've got Bill Belichick -- or the fake version of him that's playingyou could pretty much take your entire plan of attack and create another one in the halftime.

This should not be too difficult to incorporate into the game as contract information is readily available on the internet on sites like Over the Cap and Spotrac. Other franchises such as NBA 2K or Football Manager can incorporate more complicated contract options in their games, to add more the level of realism.

Realistic contracts are just the beginning. All 32 teams operate basically identically. It's a bit unrealistic. If Madden were able to add theories of the front office, team instructions (rebuilding and win-now mode, tanking and etc.) and owners with personalities that define what you can and can't perform -- and Football Manager is able to do this on a very high level, which is certainly feasibleadding more variety to the game and make the process of upgrading your roster more challenging and rewarding.
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