This tournament is a chance to bring kids
This tournament is a chance to bring kids Oct 20

This tournament is a chance to bring kids

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"This tournament is a chance to bring kids from all over the city into one event, while supporting great causes," said Matt Hoffar, co-founder of Gaming United and Managing Partner at Brickhouse Ventures. "And this won't be the final event. We'll be hosting multiple events throughout the season, in various cities and in several games.

Chicago Gaming United is a joint organization led by Brickhouse Ventures, TGS Esports, Abacus3, Edge Sports International, CyKam Consulting, and Georgia Sinclar Design.

TGS Esports Inc. is an organization that focuses on hosting and providing tournaments, events, and leagues on both the amateur and professional levels both online and in person. TGS is the administrator of Canada's premier dedicated esports facility, The Gaming Stadium, located in Richmond, British Columbia, which opened in June. Since its inception, The Gaming Stadium has held esports events featuring games such as League of Legends and Fortnite, as well as organized and hosted the Pinnacle competition at the River Rock Casino and the Burnaby Festival of Learning. Gaming Stadium hosts online tournaments and broadcasts of the highest quality for events of any kind.

Certain statements in this press release are forward-looking and reflect the expectations of management about the Company. Forward-looking statements comprise statements that aren't purely historical, and include statements regarding beliefs of plans, goals, expectations or plans for the future, such as concerning the hosting of the NBA2K tournament for high school students in the Chicago region; the dates of the tournament, its format and prizes the event; and the planned use of money raised from the tournament.

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