High leveled people that boss can earn you wealth
High leveled people that boss can earn you wealth Oct 29

High leveled people that boss can earn you wealth

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High leveled people that boss can earn you wealth such as the divine sigil, god wars dungeon items, and even torva armour. you dont even have to get 96 herblore because most of the teams require extremes and turmoil and not overkills.

The fire cape/ bandos armor/ chaotic weapons could increase your percentage in getting kills and getting into teams and can really help when trying to afford something valuable such as party hats. You can save money by purchasing effigies from bosses (ONLY SOLO’S) to higher-priced skills like herblore. Low-level employees who are afraid to be bosses can work for their bosses and earn lots of money with the lootshare program.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. When you've got more requirements, like extremes and turmoil or weapons that are chaotic, you won't start seeing a lot of drops. It will then be easier to join good teams. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages when you boss.

I am level 129 and started playing RS about a month before RS2 was launched officially. Because I was in middleschool at the time, it was simple to locate the timing (days) to play RS. There weren't any particular abilities, but I did very well at school, played regular sports, and got excellent marks. There's only so much you could do when you're younger. Also, I was the first in my freaking area to get DSL. God know how much about computers this game taught my 11 year old self.

But I'm not here to sprinkle nostalgia on your face. RS has released a massive amount of updates in the past year, including chaos, godwars (which I hate), godwars, nex and corp, as well as mounds of other high-level information. Although the requirements are not an issue for me, I do have a few other things I do not have however, I admit that if I had more time, I'd have them all.

The community has experienced the most changes in RuneScape. The majority of older players, who used to be members of large clans have grown up over the three years since PKing was eliminated. The new generation of players is here, there's no going back. Adding the wilderness isn't going to change anything back. PVP has been an absolute nightmare for me.
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