While some other subreddits may have a highly visible
While some other subreddits may have a highly visible Jul 07

While some other subreddits may have a highly visible

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While some other subreddits may have a highly visible mod existence, that's not something we are considering. In shortwe believe the subreddit should be the community's voice, not the community's voice led by subreddit mods.

I really don't think anyone in any capacity anticipates a plug and play solution nor expects anybody in the mod team to break their back for no pay. Filters require maintenance to correctly operate, take spam blockers for e-mail; that's decades of effort to make sure the Nigerian prince doesn't make it into your inbox and hell sometimes it still doesn't work, occasionally my 2FA ends up in spam, but we still don't delete a spam filter. I only want to explain that I am not here grilling you at some presser or something just having a dialog.

I believe this just reinforces not only the argument for having an Automod notify prospective new posters of this'gentleman's agreement', or even formally separating them. You have a virtual'desire route' going on where your community has decided to segregate the material, don't you think you need to listen to them? These are all growing aches and nothing else that can't be sorted out with the years, its one thing to say that nobody gets the drive or capacity to maintain a filter right now but please don't make it out to be an impossible effort. In addition, I feel like I'm in a soviet court house and the bailiff was told to take the guy who jaywalked, bro you don't need to delete OSRS or spilled articles in this example just have automod comment on it with information pointing people in the ideal direction.

Unless we are talking about a filter restricting what could be stated on the subreddit I am really confused on why anyone would want to bypass a filter that supplies them with advice. Now if allegedlyy'all attempted to knock some key questions or phrases being chucked about this sub from time to time then yeah it is a'difficulty' (You guys wouldn't be the very first game sub to possess it, blink twice if Jagex hasy'all of hostage) for you guys but I don't see a lot of people hoping to submit"connection - totally no ph15h guiys" or"I feel this is a de h 1 5 h ing attempt men" or"look at this cool shed I received on ess are ess" just so they do not possess a comment on their post out of a bot.

No worries about the grilling concern. I am just trying to be more thorough in my answers. The email entry filter has been seen as a very low priority mend, and such posts were (and are) getting caught in different filters, therefore it was deemed unnecessary for now. However, the other filters aren't specifically intended for those posts, so only a portion are getting flagged. Once more of the important tasks are completed, we'll look at a number of the lower priority ones. It wouldn't take much time to receive a configuration set up to start testing an improved version. Additionally, a majority of subreddit moderation is not visible openly, so while it might appear that we're not doing anything at times, there is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes in addition to approving/removing posts and comments.

Our concern about filtering in this case isn't whether someone will attempt to skip it, and that comment was to further the stage that filters are not always powerful. Maybe mentioning the deliberate bypassing was a bit off topic for my prior comment. As far as the separation between our subreddits goes, it isn't something we're considering enforcing as of now. As mentioned before, the amount of OSRS-specific posts (not relevant to RS3) submitted here is minimal as is, plus they don't amount to a notable portion of our everyday posts. However, those posts are outnumbered by other people which compare or link to both games.

These would probably match the criteria additionally to receive a reply redirecting them to 2007 Runescape once the intention was to post here, which isn't ideal as it could be irrelevant to this article topic and likely result in complaints. Furthermore, when the criteria is too specific, it's unlikely that the few articles that are designed to obtain this response will activate it. It is much easier for a individual to identify these posts and setting up it to work as intended is simpler said than done for advantage.
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