RuneScape - Your adventures eventually brought you to me
RuneScape - Your adventures eventually brought you to me Nov 16

RuneScape - Your adventures eventually brought you to me

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It took you a long time. I thought he would never quit. However, such dealings require a certain amount of conduct. We definitely learned this from those records. Yes. This diary from your past led you to discover the majesty of dragonkin.

Your adventures eventually brought you to me, and I led them to them. I didn't think that dwarves would be able to reason with the Mithril Dragons. There was apparently an additional copy of the records, though. But, I can't wait to see what Lucien's reaction will be when he discovers the surprise we've prepared for Lucien. Yes, Nesazi has been asked to look after that. You can now stop hiding from us (your name).

How did you know? You must be thinking that you didn't believe that one of the lesser creatures could trick me, did you? Hmmm, a Gnome Mage? My apprentice Glouph and I were the only two. Whatever, you'd be weak, without a doubt. You do exist. They've been helping Lucien! Ha! Lucien Please help! Maybe you don't have as much information as we feared.

Lucien is going to be free of your thoughts soon. You need to worry less than me. The only real use he has ever been is in the preparation of the Armadyl staff. And in killing the Meddler Hazelmere. What happened to Meddler? Did you not do him right! Killing Argento like that! Guthix was pleased to have invented Argento. He deserved to die. He should have been dead. I'll teach you.

Let them have fun. Hreidmar you and your men are responsible for the other intrusions. I'll deal with [your name]. You must now fight Wyvoch for the second time. He is able to use magic and melee at the same time.

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