My character has an average level of combat
My character has an average level of combat Nov 19

My character has an average level of combat

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My character has an average level of combat between 63 and 62 non mem. I created him back in 2004 and played for about a week, and he reached level 30. After school started I lost track of my character and the Rs. I took an absence of three years from Rs. In November 2007, I started playing again and got my character up to my current level.

The process of planting cabbage seeds to reach my goal of farming 30 farms is taking very long. I am only getting 500-700xp today... I can now to plant oak trees once I've attained 15 farming. One thing I need before I start.

If the tree has done growing and is now ready to check for health is it appropriate to do this right away? Pretty much what I'm trying to convey is, will the trees die if they arn't checked in a certain period of time? In my mind, I wanted to plant the tree's before going to sleep and then monitor them in the morning to see if they have any health concerns. Is this feasible? Or will they eventually die? Thanks so much for your support! This message was sent on the Runescape forums. They did not respond or were slow.

Gentlemen and ladies, I currently wear a glory ammy around my neck with zero charges. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in recharging my ammy, of course at a cost. I'm not sure what someone would charge for such a mission however I do hope that it would be an affordable price you would like to ask.

The hard deciding factor is my faith in you. It only cost me 38k, which means that you wouldn't be taking my life however, this is where it is the title of this topic. Are there any trustworthy players who would be willing to recharge me with their glory ammy? You would be paid, although I don't know how much you would like.

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