The game does have an appealing "Basketball City"
The game does have an appealing "Basketball City" Dec 03

The game does have an appealing "Basketball City"

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But, the main problem has to do with the system being "professional" and complicated. It takes time for the new players to be able to adjust. With so many games being released each month, new players might not be able to dedicate time to learning. system.

The game does have an appealing "Basketball City" on the next-generation console, and adds new gameplay like RPG and adventure games to the game, it's not comparable to Michael Jordan's "Career Challenge Mode" in "NBA 2K11" "Or "NBA 2K19"'s bizarre 3 point shooting. This game lacks an appeal that is appealing to novices as it doesn't have an addiction system that allows novices to become experts.

In support of 2K Sports's efforts bring more colour to this game, I need to share an "like". The gameplay of "Basketball City" isn't the best. It is even said to be a little too vast and empty. The location of NPCs and route routes for missions is clearly meant for players to roam in the city in order to add energy on the streets.

But this is unproductive and finding it boring to go through the design, often makes players give up. However, the design direction and concept is worthy of being recognized, and it is to be hoped that future projects will be improved in this respect, adding a new charm on the "sports activity" sector.

Personally, since"My Career" is my favorite mode, because "My Career" mode is filled with excitement and krypton-gold atmosphere "purchasing VC Coin allows you to be a part of the game in a much quicker manner" This is why I prefer playing "My Team". After several years of immersion, the fun brought by the mode can rival "My My Career". It also has different challenges, if you reach certain goals, you will be able to receive free premium cards. This design is definitely the most sought-after by collectors of NBA players. This design is great for players.

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