This one works just as Prospector Jacket
This one works just as Prospector Jacket Dec 16

This one works just as Prospector Jacket

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This one works just as Prospector Jacket in the same set as preceding. While wearing it, you'll be able to mine two ores at the same time (at 10 percent chance) while mining. This greatly increases the exp gain. You can get this item by completing Varrock Diary - easiest, medium-hard and elite.

It is one of the most famous ways to earn gold right from the start of the game. All you need to do is walk access to the reward rooms on the third floor of Stronghold of Security. For that, head over toward the Barbarian Village and then jump into through the opening in the middle. All you have to do is get through the doors and then answer simple security questions which will help you get closer to the prize.

It is possible to look at the minimap to determine which route is the best one to follow in order to avoid getting stuck in the maze. There will be four floors and a variety of rewards , but gold is only at the third level. If you haven't come here for new shoes, you are able to skip the final stage. When you travel, you'll encounter numerous monsters with an extremely high level, so be sure to take some food, just to be safe. It's a fairly simple exercise that can help you to begin your journey. However, since it is not a real way to earn money, in the event that it is not the most effective method of earning money.

If your account is not yet active and you are looking to earn some gold, the best option is to find items to be looted in the Wilderness. This comes with the risk of being killed by other players since items you'd like to be able to collect are in the open PvP zone , however it's likely that no one will attack you if you are on a low level.

Take care to store all your gear in your bank account to ensure you don't get anything stolen and head to the Ruins in the level 24 of Wildy. You can find Steel Platelegs there. Go to another dimension to respawn them and fill your inventory by doing so. When you're done this, all you need to do is sell all of your possessions and transfer your gold with the bank.

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