RuneScape - Located south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid
RuneScape - Located south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid Dec 21

RuneScape - Located south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid

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Animal Magnetism - Ava's Device It is a must-have for anyone who shoots at range. The device gives players the chance to make sure they don't waste ammunition when shooting. Shilo Village - Access to the village that houses precious rocks (great for mining leveling and making money) and the NPC Duradel which is late game Slayer master.

Gnome quest series - Spirit tree transport system It allows players quick transports to different locations like Grand Exchange. Troll Stronghold - God Wars dungeon - Very important dungeon with bosses that will earn you a substantial return.

Desert Treasure - Located south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid. The ability to unlock the Ancient Spellbook which gives access to blood, ice, smoke and shadow spells. These can be extremely useful in a variety of circumstances, but the most important is that they allow players to begin bursting, which is among the fastest ways to get to 99 Magic.

Lunar Diplomacy - Lunar Spellbook - Some useful spells that can be used in all kinds of situations from PvP to everyday tasks to playing quests. Dream Mentor Additional spells to the Lunar Spellbook - not necessary but quite useful. Kings Ransom - Chivalry and Piety prayers which combine bonuses for three stats: Defense, Strength and Attack.

Monkey Madness 1 and 2 access to caves that explode that are the most suitable place to reach level 99 in Magic and Ranged. Utilizing Chinchompas (or Ice Barrage players training there can damage several monsters at the same while earning the most amount of exp in the game.

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