Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy
Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy Dec 27

Jagex and The Dangers of a Half-Assed Wildy

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Fist of Guthix is a bizarre creature. It's located in low-level wilderness, and you don't need to bring anything. The teleport option is available to members. You run the risk of being killed, but it will not cost you any money. I wouldn't mind, personally.

I was interested to know if Sir Amik Varze really is a knight. I'm aware that the White Knights (By Guthix I would prefer a different name, similar to the one that the Kinshra have) are an organisation that is both military and political however, they are a feudal organization (yes I do know that RuneScape pays no heed whatsoever to the way the country was run, or even the size of territory for that matter... the world is way too small) a knight is right in the middle, while a King is the highest, only beaten by an Emperor.

Amik could rule in the king’s horse if he wanted, but surely he'd also have a peerage like the Grand Duke. This could also create Burthorpe an official principality. I'm assuming that the real principality is bigger than the town.

As for the Kinshra they were evicted from Falador as well as on the mountains. (I'm thinking there's a massive mountain range that separates Asgarnia/Misthalin from Wilderness... It seems odd to have one mountain that is its on its own.) I believe this makes Daquarius the leader of Kinshra, a marquess.

It makes sense because he is a Lord. Yet again, Sir Amik is just a knight in comparison to Daquarius who is a Lord. Let's look at what you think? Can the knight to be the leader of a kingdom? Sorry for the unrelated bits. I just copied and pasted the text from a post that I had made on RSOF.
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