It's an amazing weapon for this time
It's an amazing weapon for this time Jan 05

It's an amazing weapon for this time

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Level 28 grants the ability to use the Dorgeshuun Crossbow. It's an amazing weapon for this time. It's powerful in hitting as well as accuracy and costs nearly nothing. In addition, bone bolts, which can be shot with this piece of equipment are extremely affordable (around 6 coins per bolt).

But this is still not all - you can equip Godbook or Shield on your second hand since this is a single-handed crossbow. All of this makes it an ideal weapon to train until you reach level 50.

While Dorgeshuun Cbow is fantastic to level up at this point, there is a chance that you would like something else. If you can afford to risk some money and you want to use a different weapon, you can choose regular crossbows. When you reach level 31, Steel Cbow/Bolts for 36 Mithril Cbow/Bolts, and after that, 46 Adamant Cbow/Bolts.

Although they have better bonuses than Dorgeshuun they cost much more. Price of Adamant Bolts on Grand Exchange right now is in the moment more than 30 times the price of Bone Bolts which makes using the Bolts a significant waste of money.

In quick sequence, you will be able to make High Alch without casting animation saving you precious time. By crafting, you'll be able to alch items which will return you a percentage of the runes that you used while gaining over 120,000 experiences per hour. It is among the cheapest ways to get beyond level 55, certain RuneScape players will even until level 99.
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