Rsgoldfast - My master is having some trouble
Rsgoldfast - My master is having some trouble Jul 15

Rsgoldfast - My master is having some trouble

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Okay, now listen closely. I can only repeat this once. My master is having some trouble. There is a force that is preventing him from finishing his task. If he is unable to finish the task at hand, you will not be able or willing to help him. The Undead Assassin is the only way to help him. I think he might have more knowledge than the Spy. He is located in the south-facing forest of Seer's Village. Do not tell anyone you talked to me about me. No one!

Jagex used NPCs to imitate the pkers to make it look as authentic as it is possible. Jagex used NPCs to imitate pkers to create a realistic look as possible. But Jagex also left out the most important part of pking. They can get the drops they desire.

Then why can't Jagex add level relevant drops from revenants. We can see that a level 95 (revenant ork), would be either in full dragon or, perhaps even a bandos. Is that right? That being said, why don't revenants drop their armour or at least a portion of it in the event of their death. Jagex might require an increased difficulty level to killing revs.

Is it really that difficult to take down a pker? Revenants are treated the same way.. they can replace them. Jagex might have to provide the highest levels of armor and bonus weapons and prayer, weapon bonus that match the skill level of a Wild Pking player. This is what I believe is necessary. What is the reason to give the Revenants a reason to be killed?

Deja Vu! The Chamber of Remembrance is an underground dungeon. It's not a normal dungeon, however. Do you remember how you slayed Elvarg, and were relieved it was finally over? But, not quite. Did you ever wish to take down Slash Bash or Kamil once you've completed a set number of quests and accrued an number of quest points? This is the time to do it! The Chamber of Rembrance will help you to remember!

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