Brady's 99 seasons overall were behind him for good
Brady's 99 seasons overall were behind him for good Mar 10

Brady's 99 seasons overall were behind him for good

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Brady's 99 seasons overall were behind him for good, in the end, but he still the best on gridirons, real and virtual. The final season he played with the Patriots came to an end in the initial week of the playoffs when the former Patriots who were now playing for the Titans were able to beat him in Foxboro, and it looked like the Pats-Brady partnership was coming to an end.

But Brady was not done with the game even though it was his house away from home asking him to move out. In the midst of only 24 touchdowns that year, Brady's mediocre figures were the reason for his rating decline later in Madden however we'd also come to find out all Brady was missing was a roster with several more impressive targets on it.

At first, while wearing the jersey for the Tampa (Tompa?) Bay Buccaneers, Brady looked like a frog out of water in Florida and he didn't last long. The transition from one fantastic coach to another certainly helped and the ragtag Patriots receivers from his last year with New England were suddenly swapped to stars such as Mike Evans and Chris Godwin--and and, oh yeah, Gronk has come out of retirement to join in too.

Brady's latest team was able to earn him an impressive 10-year Super Bowl appearance, and it was in a game where the Bucs were able to wipe the floor with the once thought of as insurmountable Chiefs. Brady isn't yet retired, though that's why you might see an extension of that "gradual decline" that we'd heard about for the past decade.

In what will be known as his final year an active player in Madden -- barring any Favre-like doubts--Brady appeared at the age of Madden 22, a overall 97. He also graced the cover for the second time, this time with Patrick Mahomes, who was doing similar things. He once again lead the league in touchdowns and yards, as well as completions, and for the first time ever, attempted passes. He completed more than 700 times and was successful on 68% of those passes, showing no indications of the aging process that has to date never been spared by anyone else in the game, not least of all players with all the wear and tear like Brady has.

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