Murder. This can be any prince, or enemy criminal
Murder. This can be any prince, or enemy criminal Jul 30

Murder. This can be any prince, or enemy criminal

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Murder. This can be any prince, or enemy criminal. The name of the person will be displayed on the clothing or armor. Their guards/ posse will also have to engage in combat. Each one of them can utilize at least two different styles of combat. Don't completely rely on prayers. They can heal themselves like an oath or summon their army while fighting. There level is always 40 more than yours.

Poison spreading is porbaly one of the hardest to master. You will receive in silence, with no smell and tasteless poison. You will be required to spread the poison on their food. This is difficult because you will need a safe location to hide while listening what there butler/maid has to say about what's for dinner tonight. Poisoning the wrong food will impact your score. You can't wait until the next meal since the poison is gone within three minutes.

Kidnapping. This is one of the most enjoyable activities. It is when you set up a trap using one of the person's possessions. It's fun because you can make a variety of traps. Some of them are quite amusing, like a chain trap. Once you have set the trap you'll be taken to the destination using toy charriots. There is a limit of 20 items. If you don't be successful on the fifth attempt you'll be thrown in the middle and chased away from any house. The score you get at the end will depend on how quickly you finished it, or how badly it was burned.

You can exchange points for the following: Assassin’s mask, assassin’s dark armor, assassin's armored legs made of leather, silent boots, or assassin’s clawed glove. They are all returned with red scars, and help in kidnapping or killing.

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