The Medieval Age at RuneScape
The Medieval Age at RuneScape Aug 04

The Medieval Age at RuneScape

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My conspiracy My conspiracy: New Skills Introduction. Introduction. This thread will provide my knowledge, and also the way it functions in RuneScape. This thread is solely my personal opinion. Please do not bombard it with irrelevant information. Thank for your cooperation. Note This: The Middle Age (or Medieval Era) is believed to be the same time/era in this thread.

How is RuneScape compatible with the Medieval Age. First of all, they were extremely religious in the past. However, they had many different religions, such as Christianity as well as Protestant. This is to different Gods of RuneScape such as Zamorak Saradomin or Guthix. Another thing that came to my attention was the landscape that was the Medieval Age. Similar to RuneScape there was churches in every town and city. There were also many palaces, castles, and lots of stone structures and huts. Many of these are featured in the game.

There are a few ways the game and era can contradict one another. The game actually features Dragons and Demons. Also, there is the concept of different species, such as Fairies and Gnomes, which are featured in the game.

Skills, Quests, and more. There are a variety of Skills, Quests, and More in RuneScape which are related to the Middle Age. From such quests as Mountain Daughter, to skills such as Fishing and Cooking Everything listed below is available in both places (The Medieval Age and RuneScape).

Hunter: Many males (and some women) from the Middle Age would spend quite much time hunting. The most popular catches were Birds, Rabbits and Deer (possibly coming to the game soon). Fishing: A lot of food was gathered from the sea, river and lakes. Many claimed to be better at catching specific fish. This is like RuneScape as you can probably see. Baking and Cooking. This is the most popular skill. But, during the Medieval Era, it was thought to be as an artistic ability. Few people can bake bread, pie or cook meat.

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