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In order to meet the development needs of medicine and fragrance industry, after more than ten years of development, the fine mist sprayer industry has gradually improved in terms of molding, equipment, processing and quality control, and has formed large-scale production.

Classification of fine mist sprayers;
1. Ordinary standard pump. When the pump is pressed by hand, the dirt in the container can be ejected under the force. When the pump is pressurized, the pressure speed and force affect the pump's operating condition. For example, when pressure is applied quickly, the pump can achieve optimal spray results (such as fine mist droplets, large fog cones or a wider range).

2. Ordinary two-stage pump. The pump is equipped with a spherical ball seal and a plastic seal.

3. Modification of the two-stage pump. This type of pump works like the conventional two-stage pump with a spherical ball seal and a plastic seal as described above. It is not structurally closed with spherical beads, but the principle of collar pressure sealing, and its performance is better than the former.

4. The industrial principle of this pump is the same as that of the third pump, but without a separate air supply passage, it is completely sealed, isolated from the atmosphere and must be inflated. This type of pump is a metering pump.

5. This pump is similar to a two-stage pump. Usually used in a non-inflated state. Once the gas is injected into the tank, it will automatically seal.

6. This is a new pump system that improves the fifth pump. When the pump is running, the container is only sealed when the valve is pressed.

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