Advantages of wall-hung toilets:

1. High appearance

In-wall toilets can hide ugly sewers that are exposed to the outside. You can no longer see all kinds of channels, which improves people's mood and instantly enlarges the space.

2. Easy to clean

For some people who are obsessed with cleanliness, wall-mounted toilets are very suitable. It does not have any dead spots that are difficult to clean, so the toilet is very easy to clean.

3. Easy to move

If the position of the wall-mounted toilet needs to be changed, its movement is also very convenient without any restrictions.

4. Low noise

Usually, the water tank of an ordinary toilet is directly connected to the toilet, so when the toilet is flushed, the sound of the water flow is loud, and this kind of noise may affect other people. In the wall-mounted toilet, because the water tank is hidden in the wall, the sound of flushing the toilet is very small due to the blockage of the wall.

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