The Velour - Women’s Velour Sweatsuits

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The Velour, Women’s velour sweatsuits, is sleek and luxurious, stylish and comfortable. The Velour is the ultimate depiction of modest activewear. The Velour sweatsuits is both modest and flattering. You’re sure to look great whether you are working out, speed walking, or taking a leisurely stroll in the park. The Velour women wear is a modest, loose-fitting, medium-weight tunic jacket with hood and matching pants. For a limited time, a free matching hat will also be included in the set. The Velour is sure to be a great addition to your modest wardrobe, so order yours today.


Please use the DeModest size chart to determine the garment size you will need.

First, measure your full bust, waist and hips. Then choose the measurement that falls on the largest size on the size chart. This will be your size.

For example, if your measurements are: full bust 35 inches, waist 28 inches and hips 40 inches; on the size chart the bust and waist measurements fall under the medium size, however the hip measurement falls under the large size. Because the hip measurement falls under a larger size, then we suggest the large size instead of the medium for a looser, more modest fit.

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