Martindale Abrasion Pilling Tester HD-353-4

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Martindale Abrasion Pilling Tester HD-353-4

The Abrasion Pilling Tester can test the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of various structural fabrics. The sample is subjected to low-pressure continuous reversing friction with a certain friction material, and its wear and pilling degree can be compared with the standard parameters for evaluation. The instrument adopts a movable sample fastening component, which can take out a friction sample at any time without affecting other samples. It is a fastening method approved by BSEN ISO12947-1:1999. The instrument is equipped with electronic preset batch timer and total counter, sample holder and loading device (in line with international test standards), and can provide 4, 6, and 8 models.

Design standards: ISO 5470, DIN 53863/53865, BS 3424/5690, IWTO 40-88, BS EN 388/530, IWSTM 112/196, ASTM 4966/4970 IS 12673, JIS L1096, SFS 4328, PR EN ISO 12947- 1, PR EN ISO 12945-2, SATRA TM31, ISO 20344

The main technical parameters:
1. Number of tests: 1~999999
2. Cumulative count: 1~999999
3. Number of test heads: 4 heads/6 heads/8 heads
4. Effective friction diameter of grinding block: φ28.8mm
5. The relative movement speed of the gripper and the grinding table: 50r/min
6. Clothing sample weight: 395g
7. Weight of decoration sample: 594g
8. Power supply: AC220V, 250W

Determination of the abrasion resistance of fabrics:
1. The distance between the transmission axle and its intermediate shaft: (30.25±0.25)mm
2. The ratio of the rotational speed of the outer transmission to the rotational speed of the inner transmission: 16:15
3. The stroke limit of the sample fixture guide plate along the longitudinal and transverse directions is (60.5±0.5)mm
4. Press hammer: mass: 2.5±0.5kg, diameter 120±10mm;
5. Anti-friction sample set: load weight + guide shaft + friction head, the total mass weight should be 198±2g;
6. Specimen fixture pin: diameter 7.950 (-0.013 to -0.026), length about 89mm;
7. The total mass of the loading block and the sample fixture assembly should be: large block (795±7)g, small block (595±7)g

Determination of fabric pilling properties:
1. The distance between the transmission wheel and the intermediate shaft is (12±0.25)mm;
2. The total mass of the sample fixture assembly (sample fixture, sample fixture ring, sample fixture guide shaft) should be: (155±1)g
3. Loading block (1): (260±1)g
4. The total mass of the sample fixture and loading block is (415±2)g
5. Felt: the top (pattern fixture) diameter is 90±1mm

1) Wool felt: diameter 140mm, thickness: 2.5±0.5mm, mass per unit area 750±50m2;
2) Friction cloth: the diameter is at least 140mm; the abrasive needs to be replaced when the test exceeds 50,000 revolutions.

ps: (WLJCDM809)

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