In layman's terms, whole house customization is an innovator in the home improvement industry, of which traditional decoration companies are naturally the first to bear the brunt. Friends who have decoration experience at home should know that the decoration company has its own scale and inherent system after years of development, but at the same time, the style is relatively uniform, and it cannot communicate efficiently with the owner’s needs. At the same time, the problem of over budget is also the decoration company cannot avoid Yes, it’s not enough to dress up with the originally estimated renovation cost, but you can’t give up halfway through it, you can only pay for it.

There is also the size of the decoration companies are different, large companies are more formal, but the premium is high. Although small companies seem to have more discounts and low prices, the quality of the materials cannot be guaranteed. Even if some are linked to the brand, the authenticity and post-adjustment and other chaos cannot be eliminated. After all, the pace of work and life is fast now. With too much time and energy staring at these aspects, the whole house customization can solve the decoration problem once and for all, let the decoration style be mastered, and do not exceed the rules.

The traditional carpentry is still in love with the decoration company. This ancient decoration method has continued from ancient times to today. Being able to survive so far has not been eliminated, indicating that the traditional woodworking industry is indeed desirable, after all, every handicraft is worthy of respect.

However, the chaos in the woodworking market is also obvious to everyone. With the current impact of the industry, this ancient craft inheritance is very worrying. The most obvious manifestation is that the level of modern woodworking is different, and the craftsmanship spirit has mostly existed in name.

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