The Main Functions Of Led Lights Produced By Led Floodlight Factory

Therefore, the concept of Led Flood Light Factory came into being.


Any resource claiming to be able to tell you all the knowledge you need is at your own risk. As a leading online retailer of LED lights, fixtures and accessories, Factory Direct LED wants to introduce you all the information you need to know about LEDs, but LED lighting is an evolving technology that generates new information every day. Therefore, the concept of Led Flood Light Factory came into being. Factory Direct LED did not try to tell you all the information, but prepared the following list of questions for you to ask LED lighting retailers. When you set about installing new LED lighting or replacing existing lighting with new LEDs, the answer will help you make an informed decision.

– How much do I need to spend?
As the LED market expands and LED prices drop, better LED technology becomes more and more popular. You will spend more money to buy LEDs with excellent performance characteristics, but in a year or two, you will make up for the initial cost by saving electricity. Ask about the efficiency level of the LED bulb you want and how to use these levels to calculate the cost savings.

– How long can LED bulbs last?
When a voltage is applied to the junction of the semiconductor material, the LED emits light. The filament or gas of the LED will not emit light when charging. As a large amount of electrical energy applied to the traditional lamp is dissipated as heat, these filaments and gases will wear out rapidly over time. The touch of the LED bulb remains cool, and the service life is much longer than traditional lighting technology. If you are concerned about the life of LED bulbs, please request products rated for continuous operation for at least 50,000 hours or more.

– Can I use dimmers with LED bulbs?
Some new LED technologies are designed to be used with dimmers used in traditional incandescent lamps, but you may get better dimming performance from dimmer switches dedicated to LEDs. If dimming is required, please ask for dimmer recommendations and LED bulbs for different dimmers.

– Is the LED light dazzling?
The light produced by early forms of LEDs has a high "Kelvin" temperature and is considered cold and slack. Newer LED bulbs have lower temperatures and can better replicate the warmer light produced by some incandescent bulbs. If you want a warmer environment, please recommend LED bulbs with lower temperature ratings to retailers.

-Can I use the mobile app to control the LED lights?
Mobile application technology and LED lights in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) are the latest fields of LED lighting technology. IoT LED lights allow you to remotely control the lighting, change the color temperature from a harsh temperature to a warm temperature, and in some cases, you can also change the actual color of the lamp. The artificial intelligence system can also understand your lighting mode and preferences, and guide the LED lights to turn on and off or change the color and temperature according to your routine, without requiring you to provide additional input.


LED bulbs are an exciting new form of lighting technology. Factory Direct LED is committed to helping consumers understand the technology and make the best decisions when they transition from old-style lighting to new LEDs. For more information about our products and services, please visit our website. We offer the most competitive prices for LED lights, fixtures and systems that can be used in every application.


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