What Are Some of the Excellent Minecraft Skyblock Servers in 2021?

If you've ever played Minecraft, you're probably aware that each Minecraft server is distinct and unique in its own right.

There could be some similarities, but the differences are more. That's what makes them different from other servers. We suggest you try every Minecraft server, but here we will tell you about one of the most famous Minecraft servers, which could not be other than Skyblock. These servers are all about survival and crafting together in order to stay in the game. Players who use the Minecraft Skyblock Servers will enjoy the classic survival mode.

Players will spawn on the floating island at the beginning of the Minecraft game on Skybloock servers. After that, they will have to gather a small number of things and resources in order to start their gameplay. It is suggested to the players when picking skyblock servers that creating a cobblestone generator is required because these blocks can benefit you in building several things in the game. If Skyblock servers have piqued your interest and you want to try excellent servers under Skyblock, then take a look below.

Cosmic sky-

Cosmic Sky is one of the unique skyblock servers that players are advised to try out. Using such servers means your Minecraft gaming experience will be quite different from other servers under Skyblock. So it may be the case that some Minecraft players may not like it because everyone does not like the change.

However, Cosmic Sky is a skyblock server, which is the right fit for players skilled at skyblock mechanics. Also, for those looking for a new and fresh server to try. There are some activities, such as gambling island challenges, which you won't find on other servers.


It is an extensive skyblock server that offers two famous Minecraft servers to the players for enjoyment. The unique features of such servers are custom mob areas, mob coins, island spawners, and many other features that make it mandatory to conclude this list of Minecraft skyblock servers.


Hypixel is quite a famous Minecraft skyblock server, which has been popular since its existence. It is a service that experiences the presence of more than ten million players online every day. The economy is a large part of the service, and it allows players to earn money by farming activities on their land, among other things.

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