How to Play with an Online Stocks Fantasy Game?

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Stocks Fantasy Gaming refers to buying & selling of shares in a particular company, in return the player gets points as reward. Depending on companies’ demand and performance the value of the stock goes up and down.

A stock market is a fascinating place where one needs to focus on two major points, which are quantity and price.

The Stock market is highly volatile, the price fluctuates dramatically. BSE and NSE work with a high speed which is a speed of a few microseconds. Even a micro mistake of interchanging price with quantity and vice-versa could result in losses, running multiple thousands to lakhs to crores.

You would want to time your entrance or exit by understanding the market trend and determining the risk, even though the stock market comes with the liberty to enter and exit at any point in time.

There are many reasons why people face loss in stock fantasy gaming and few are very common. Beginners often buy the stock, panic, and as soon as the price goes down, as they don’t understand the nature of the market. Often end up with rash decisions, people usually forget that the market is highly dynamic, and if the stock price is going low it will come up too. So, it is very important to analyze the reason for high and low, also the past performance of the company.

Few common mistakes due to which people investing in stocks suffer losses:

  • Being emotional while taking decisions
  • Ignoring global events and market cycles
  • Making hasty decisions to get rich
  • No planning for a safe exit

How to avoid these common mistakes? Practice Stocks Fantasy Gaming which is very important and the best way to practice is Stocks fantasy Game(BYSOS)

  • Practice timely entry and exit.

As we know that BSE and NSE work at a speed of microseconds. Practicing on Stocks fantasy game which is stimulated with real market movement, you can learn to deal with real market situations and plan timely entry and exit.

So, it is very important to have an idea about the price and target prices before making the trade.

  • Learn to diversify and expand

Diversifying a portfolio helps you reduce risk, if one sector goes down, the other might go up, Stocks fantasy gaming platform allows you to create multiple portfolios thus preparing you to invest and manage various equity at the same time. Also, it makes you aware of different segments of stocks and their market behavior.

  • Understand Market Trend

To be able to select the right stocks, it is very important to understand market trends. Fundamental analysis is only possible through a better understanding of the markets. The Stocks fantasy Gaming helps to learn the market dynamics.

  • Understand market volatility and liquidity

Market volatility is the rise and fall of the market over a sustained period. Stocks fantasy games help you to learn, how you should respond to a volatile market.

Liquidity helps one to know how rapidly shares of a stock can be bought or sold without significantly impacting the stock price. Low liquidity stocks may cause to take a bigger loss if you cannot sell the shares when you want to.

  • Mistakes are cheap

It’s better when making mistakes costs you almost nothing but gives you greater learning in return, beginning a new segment often comes at the cost of recurring mistakes as we learn, practice, and evolve.

  • Practice strategies

Although the stock market cannot be predicted 100% nor it works in a standard format, every stock reacts differently to market conditions. Stock fantasy games allow you to practice varied strategies until you know which market scenario works better with what strategy.


BYSOS is a stock fantasy gaming app that is easy to play. In a few easy steps selecting fixtures and creating a portfolio, you can learn Fantasy Stock gaming.

BYSOS gaming platform is unique from various other stock games online, as it offers to play and earn big with a minimum deposit. This gives you additional learning about managing your budget. The platform gives updates on livestock prices and daily news updates; therefore, it stands as a one-point stop to learn Stocks while you Play.

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